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Dynamism and long-term objectives for company growth: the combination that works. The LBC case

When awareness of company objectives meets expertise in the field of subsidized finance and consultancy, the results are real.

LBC embodies the company prototype that fits well with the way in which MAD intends consultancy: a path of support and accompaniment that lasts over time and which combines financial instruments and relationships with the aim of making the company grow.

We tell you the story of a visionary and dynamic entrepreneur who was able to seize growth opportunities together with our team of expert consultants to create business value.

Who is LBC

LBC is an artisan reality historically rooted in the Sicilian territory and which has been working in ceramics since 1976 , in the name of the centuries-old tradition of Caltagirone (CT), where the company is based. LBC produces interior and exterior ceramic and lava stone tiles and designer ceramic objects.

Today LBC is the main company to which other entrepreneurial realities of the Parrinello family who lead the company refer, such as the startup ninetyfifty, for the sale of products online.

Nicolò Parrinello , CEO of LBC, approached the world of ceramics as a teenager, but with a different vision than that of his father who, until 2008, led the company, which was transformed into a cooperative society that same year.

The way in which Nicolò understands the business, in fact, is not linked to "what to do", but to "how to do it": «In my opinion the entrepreneur must study and read a lot before selling a product. Without deepening the tools that can provide development opportunities, the company will grow in a relative way."

The meeting with MAD

The desire for organic and, at the same time, dynamic growth, capable, therefore, of seizing opportunities for the evolution and diversification of production , pushed Nicolò to find out about the world of tenders and funds for industrial development and that, thanks to the meeting with MAD, he allowed his company to plan growth consistent with company objectives : «I immediately appreciated the way in which they gave me information and advice to understand how these important tools work. The first project we created together concerned temporary export management, a fundamental element for the internationalization of LBC".

Projects and objectives: how to score goals with consultancy

The great ability to look at long-term objectives and to imagine its business as a driving force of activity has allowed LBC to range between the opportunities offered by subsidized finance: from vouchers to R&D projects: «The relationship with MAD lasts for some time because what I appreciated most in the way of relating to the customer was, in addition to the awareness and knowledge of the resources and mechanisms, also the care with which MAD's activities agree with the company objectives. Adriana La Porta, senior manager of MAD, is our contact person and her professionalism also consists in knowing how to select the most suitable measures for our project. MAD's consultancy is not a format offered indiscriminately to clients, but built for them and on them, because it is preceded by a study phase, which is fundamental for seeing the applications for tenders approved and motivating the choice regarding participation or not".

The company's planning meets that of consultancy. It is a win – win based on trust, competence, professionalism and support.

For LBC «Adriana is the consultant we interface with: she maintains relationships with our managers, accompanies and follows the phases following the submission of the application and this is very important. A guarantee of correctness, transparency and quality also with respect to legitimate controls by the relevant bodies and which may concern subsidized finance activities. Complying with bureaucratic requirements, for us at LBC - adds Nicolò - is an added value".

The projects

For LBC, the admission of projects to funding is synonymous with good work. MAD and LBC have been collaborating together for six years and some of the projects developed together were:

  • the Internationalization voucher: with this measure the role of Temporary Export Manager was made available to LBC for the identification and acquisition of new customers on international markets;
  • Training 4.0: training activities on Industry 4.0 topics;
  • Simest – Development of e-commerce for SMEs in foreign countries: with this measure LBC promoted the ninefifty brand on the Archiproducts marketplace;
  • the Digital Export Bonus: with this measure the development of online sales towards international markets was further implemented;
  • the Innovation Manager voucher: the Ninefifty start-up, also owned by the Parrinello family, is the recipient of this measure and company organization strategies will be implemented to guarantee the growth of this new reality.

These projects developed by MAD and LBC focused on internationalization, innovation and training . Three areas that have been combined together and in concert with the company objectives which aim to diversify and expand the market, to provide skills and train staff and to digitalize the sale of the product.

MAD, a team of value

Mad is a company that grows together with its customers and Adriana La Porta , our senior manager, thanks to her experience and acquired expertise, represents a certainty for our customers.

Believing in an analytical and in-depth approach allows you to perceive the value of consultancy and achieve business and turnover objectives.

«Thanks to careful and diligent consultancy, our economic growth has also benefited – concludes Nicolò Parrinello -, allowing us to develop a business in line with our internationalisation, sales and production objectives».