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Internationalization is a development possibility aimed at companies, organizations and institutions that wish to extend their activities beyond national borders. This process allows them to create connections and collaborations with foreign organizations and to access new markets and customers who show interest in their commercial offerings.


Market analysis

we support companies in identifying international commercial opportunities, through a study on sector trends and the behavior of the target audience.

Strategy development

definition of an entry strategy in the target market and planning of the positioning of the product or service.

International marketing and sales

we assist our clients in the development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies and tools suitable for international markets.

Networking and Partnerships

we facilitate the creation of partnerships with other companies, institutions or government bodies in the target markets.

Financing support

we assist companies in identifying and accessing financing opportunities for internationalization

What tools do we manage?


Technical assistance projects in non-EU countries


Financing for business internationalization

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  1. Cognitive Analysis: in-depth evaluation of the company and its medium and long-term objectives.
  2. Planning : feasibility study of the project idea, assessment of requirements, determination of eligibility and taking charge of the project.
  3. Dedicated consultant: accompanies the client throughout the entire project process in MAD.
  4. Customer Care: we take care of the customer even after the conclusion of the project and always keep him updated on new opportunities.

We identify the size best suited to the needs of our customers after an in-depth company check up.

Who is it aimed at?

These tools are mainly aimed at:

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