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Extracurricular training internship


Expert Europlanner

MAD offers a training course, in the form of an internship and orientation, to a resource to be included in its European Planning team.
The path is aimed at training the candidate on community planning issues in order to undertake the profession of Euro-planner.

Planned activities:

Below, by way of example and not exhaustively, is a list of tasks that the person in charge will have to perform:

  • scouting for opportunities;
  • support in the planning and economic-financial management of European tenders;
  • support in the management of partners involved in European tenders;
  • support in the management of suppliers involved in European tenders;
  • support for organizational secretarial activities.

The candidate must have a degree in economic/political disciplines and/or have obtained a Master's degree in Europlanning and reporting of European projects;

Experience, even minimal, in the field of planning, economic-financial management and reporting of European tenders is also welcome.

The ideal resource must have a good knowledge of the English language and of Office Automation applications in both desktop and cloud environments.

Among the soft skills required: predisposition to team work, problem solving, flexibility, precision, organizational and planning ability, time management and ability to carry out different activities simultaneously.

Knowledge of written and spoken French is an advantage.

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We offer a paid extracurricular training internship lasting 6 months, with full-time commitment, aimed at hiring with a permanent contract.

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