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Teambuilding and networking: building valuable relationships even at Christmas

Build valuable relationships, strengthen partnerships, retain customers and generate value.

All this is possible if the company is willing to invest time and care in its relationship with others and if, beyond commercial activities, it cares about its reputation.

This is why stakeholders are fundamental: they contribute to success, sharing objectives and projects; marrying vision and mission.

But how do you build valuable relationships?

No project is the result of chance

This year inMADfor Christmas we wanted to move away from the conventional logic of "greetings" and "gift".

We asked ourselves a different question than "what gadgets do we prepare?" and we asked ourselves: “ How can we give value to the network of our stakeholders to thank them and hope for a 2024 made of shared planning ? How can we make them feel a fundamental part of our value?

Thus was born the idea of an afternoon together in which discovery, culture, fun, teambuilding and networking coexist.

An afternoon of communication requires planning, preparation and an organizational plan: involving guests, choosing the location, identifying the activities to do together. No project, therefore, can be the result of chance, but requires care and attention to details and people.

The location was chosen to make an experiential journey that took into account the beauty of our territory: we chose a winery on Etna, Terra Costantino , because it is a place of discovery and contact with nature where it is possible to create the right atmosphere of complicity between guests.

We cultivate relationships in the area

MAD, in fact, is linked to the territory, its values and its entrepreneurial potential.

We believe in the cultural value of the territory and we take care of it with our projects.

It is the relationships we have built in Sicily that have allowed us to grow as an innovative startup, and we gratefully return the trust we receive.

Relationships take time, effort and care.

Just like the farmer who dedicates himself to the rasola and the rows of vines that have lived and nourished themselves on the slopes of Etna for hundreds of years and like the "married" vines: white and red shoots that grow close together, just as happens in the relationship with the others. It is diversity that makes relationships unique. And the depth, however, is given by the time we dedicate to cultivating them, just like the roots of the vines that grow strong and are fed with the right nutrients by sinking into the millenary lava sands, fertile lands.

Tinkering e storytelling

To accompany the sensorial experience and make the networking afternoon fun, we thought of two complementary activities to carry out with our guests, divided into two teams (blue and yellow).

The objective of the game was to build a kinetic machine, assembling the pieces that we had given them at their disposal, with the indications of a common project. In the end the two groups would also have to draw a common narrative line on the value generated by the experience and its meaning.

Thanks to the support of Gabriella Giusto , trainer and coach , our guests immediately made themselves available to collaborate with each other, getting involved with enthusiasm.

The blue team worked by dividing itself into two subgroups: one group dedicated itself to the theoretical study of the instructions for the construction of the kinetic machine; a choice that made them faster and more effective.

The other group, however, carried out the project by working in a less structured way, but communicating a lot and listening to each other, which slowed them down but made them more aware of the path they were building.

Just like in a company, there is no right way: there are many ways of working as a team to achieve success and this is what Angela Colosimo , with training and coaching, helps the companies we support to do.

Lego, constructions, cable ties, paper tunnels, marbles, united and organized in a meaningful path that led to the objective : raising the flag and telling its message. Two different approaches, same result.

“Diversity is wealth: we have different skills among us, but the final result is the fruit of collaboration and synergy aimed at achieving the common goal”: this is the message of the blue team.

“When the weight of mistrust falls, the flag of welcome rises,” says the yellow team.

Raise a flag message

The objective of the recreational activity was achieved with satisfaction and enjoyment on the part of our partners and customers.

Having their final feedback on the experience was important.

We asked them to choose words and adjectives to describe what they felt:

planning, friendship, competition, coordination, union, trust, esteem, patience, fun, collaboration, cooperation, joy, irony, sharing, light-heartedness, creativity, respect, execution, challenge and relaxation were the recurring words.

We are happy to have inspired our partners and customers with this initiative and satisfied with the value recognized in this event: relationships are important even at Christmas.

Happy Holidays to one and all.