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Support for businesses in historic villages thanks to the PNRR


The new PNRR call aims to support entrepreneurial development in the municipalities involved in the local cultural and social regeneration projects of small historic villages (PNRR-M1C3-Inv.2.1 Line B). The aim is to respond to specific territorial needs and promote local economic recovery through long-lasting entrepreneurial initiatives rooted in the territory.

Beneficiaries : single or aggregate SMEs, already established or intending to do so, sole proprietorships, cooperative companies, unrecognized associations, non-profit organizations with legal personality and third sector bodies. Even natural persons and agricultural businesses (not related to the primary production of agricultural products) who intend to start a business in the villages indicated in the announcement can request the contribution.

Concession : up to 90% of eligible expenses as a non-refundable grant, with a maximum contribution of €75,000. The percentage can reach 100% for new businesses (to be established within 60 days of granting the contribution) and for businesses predominantly owned by young people and/or women.

Eligible interventions : The call finances eco-friendly business projects (low environmental impact, energy efficiency, product recycling, etc.) which increase the attractiveness of historic villages, offering services and products for the local population and visitors. Projects can have a maximum value of €150,000 and must be started after submitting the application.

Eligible expenses include: systems, machinery, equipment, furnishings, movable vehicles, intangible assets with multi-year usefulness (e.g. software, patents, licenses, trademarks, certifications), masonry works (up to 40% of the eligible expenditure initiative), materials raw materials, consumables, semi-finished and finished products, utilities, rent, provision of services and cost of employees to be hired.

Deadline : Applications can be submitted from 12:00 on 8 June until 18:00 on 11 September 2023.