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Why do European planning?

European projects are opportunities for growth, comparison and dialogue for organizations and businesses. Participating in community tenders encourages:

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How does it work?

Participation in direct European calls involves a series of phases, which begin with the selection of the most suitable call for proposal based on the specific project idea, the preparation of all documents and finally if the project is approved, the management and related reporting. As MAD we will follow you step by step in:


In the process of researching and monitoring funding opportunities, once the most suitable option has been identified, we will conduct an in-depth analysis of the feasibility of the project proposal, then proceeding with the formation of the project partnership


Management of the creation of the required documents, support in the verification and validation of the project to be presented and assistance during the different phases of the evaluation process by the financing body


Support during the documentation and budgeting phase of the expenses incurred, including the phase following the conclusion of the project

The benefits for your company

Participation in European tenders can be a winning strategy for companies, offering a series of advantages that include financing, market opportunities, international collaboration and skills development, thus contributing to the success and growth of the company.

Why work together?

We are a team of professionals with great experience in the business consultancy sector. We believe that every company is a small universe that can express value, if accompanied by a strategic vision that is expressed through coherent and effective stages.
We are an aggregator of technology and innovation: we take the path together, we find the tools, we make them work: working together means generating value!
We help you:

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