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MAD: Ethical Excellence – Our SA8000 Certification

SA8000 certification

An Important Step Towards Social Responsibility

At MAD – Management Advisor srl, we firmly believe in social responsibility.

We are proud to announce that our commitment has been officially recognized by obtaining the SA8000:2014® certification. This is a significant milestone for us, reflecting our ongoing commitment to ethical and sustainable practices.

What does SA8000 Certification mean

SA8000:2014 is a global framework that focuses on nine main areas of social responsibility, including health and safety, respect for workers' rights and the promotion of a fair and transparent working environment. This international standard is a symbol of excellence in terms of work ethic and respect for human rights, both within our organization and in our supply chain.

The Benefits of SA8000 Certification for MAD

Obtaining the SA8000:2014 certification is not only a recognition of our work, but also serves as:

  1. Manifestation of Our Social Responsibility Policy : Demonstrates our commitment to all stakeholders, including customers and partners.
  2. Internal Assessment Tool : Provides our management with valuable guidance in continuously reviewing and improving our social responsibility policies.
  3. Guarantee of Respect for Human Rights : Confirms our commitment to protecting and respecting workers' rights.
  4. Facilitation of Relations with Regulatory Bodies : Strengthens our transparency and integrity towards regulators and partners.
  5. Supplier Monitoring : Ensures that our partners also adhere to the same high ethical standards.

Our Commitment Continues

SA8000 certification is just the beginning. We will continue to work tirelessly to maintain and improve these standards, ensuring that every aspect of our business is driven by ethics, quality and inclusion.

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