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Coaching as an effective response to organize and train motivation: the Xenia Progetti case

Xenia Progetti is a company that has grown in recent years thanks to leadership oriented towards innovation, market changes, the diversification of its business and attention to the customer. This approach has fostered a resilient organizational structure , capable of successfully managing the growing complexity of the company.

The growth process involved the company, the stakeholders that revolve around it and the employees, leading the owners to an important reflection to give especially to the latter a place in which to feel useful and fulfilled.

For Xenia Progetti, employees constitute the heart of the company and for this reason it is essential to promote, both among senior and new resources, a virtuous process of awareness, sharing and participation, which allows employees to feel involved, satisfied with work and an integral part of a group.

Thus was born the coaching path of Xenia Progetti together with MAD.

Who is Xenia

Xenia Progetti is a company made in Sicily that has been involved in the design, consultancy and marketing of innovative software solutions for over 30 years.

The collaboration with large manufacturing companies in the industrial sector has allowed the company to position itself as a preferential partner for the development and supply of IT solutions and to extend its field of action in Italy and abroad to other sectors such as Healthcare , Public Administration, Telecommunications.

The pursuit of high quality standards has led the company to expand its customer portfolio and acquire other companies operating in diversified sectors.

Xenia Progetti today has operational offices distributed across numerous regions of Italy and in May 2023 founded Xenicity, the family's first international company based in Dubai.

Why Xenia Progetti decided to rely on coaching

The company, founded in 1990 by three Sicilian engineers with the aim of creating an innovation hub in southern Italy, has today become an established reality in the reference market.

The growth of the company has led to an exponential increase in the number of employees and collaborators, requiring reflection on the management model and internal processes.

The choice to undertake this coaching path arises precisely from the need to create an ideal working environment, where each employee can find their individual position and in the team. To achieve this objective, a "layered" path was identified, in order to support the growth of the company through the improvement of internal processes, considering the different needs of the work groups.

The main objectives were the following:

  • review the organizational model;
  • communicate effectively with employees;
  • manage activities and processes in an agile manner;
  • give a shared vision of the process of growth and stability.

Thanks to the coaching process, which included several meeting sessions dedicated to the various company groups, we worked to design effective management :

  • activities;
  • of the staff;
  • of orders;
  • of the relationship with the customer.

Managing means having organization. Organizing means starting virtuous processes to make work effective: from internal communications to those with stakeholders, from commercial response and customer satisfaction.

MAD and the journey…in progress!

MAD with its experience has accompanied Xenia Progetti towards greater managerial awareness.


  • Dialogue with the company and managers: team building is a moment of alignment and awareness that allows you to evaluate ideas and solutions and choose the most effective one before intervening operationally with initiatives or activities. The first to experiment with coaching, therefore, were the managers, with a view to branched growth starting from the top to the base;
  • identifying the most congenial approaches to sharing growth and change with its employees and stakeholders.

It is important to make resources feel part of the same reality through sharing objectives, values and mission. No employee is a number and is frequently activated as a company grows.

With the coaching path, MAD supported Xenia Progetti in developing a commitment to managing relationships, human relationships and having a shared vision.

Coaching is a direction

Coaching in the company represents a starting point for a new way of seeing things, which does not end, but is nourished by constant actions of reflection, dialogue and sharing of the good practices introduced. This is why the next stage after awareness is understanding.

Mad accompanied Xenia Progetti in understanding the emotional aspect of employees, not only linked to the work aspect which is made up of deadlines and programs to be respected.

The commitment of Xenia Progetti together with MAD has gone in the direction of removing the risk of making work "robotic" out of a sense of duty linked to the task to be carried out.

For this reason, coaching has allowed us to explore even the most personal emotional aspect, probing sensitivities, motivations, deep objectives and allowing work groups to get to know each other as people, as well as colleagues.

The request for specialized experience in certain work phases determines a periodic turnover of the teams within the company. In these situations the very high risk is that since there is no affinity between team members, the group does not work.

Thanks to coaching, dynamics of mutual listening and knowledge were activated which allowed colleagues (even from different departments) to get to know each other and find common human, character and professional aspects.

The result was groups that were happier to work together and more collaborative.

The effects of coaching

The coaching activity has allowed Xenia Progetti to generate an improvement in the relationship between people, strengthening motivation and collaboration.

« These are not easy aspects to manage, but they are essential to grow the company and create a rewarding work environment for everyone – says Luca Antonio Falzone , Head of Communications at Xenia Progetti -. Thanks to MAD's coaching and support, we are cultivating awareness, strengthening corporate values and a sense of belonging .

This path has allowed us to understand the importance of internal communication tools, such as our newsletter, which aims to inform employees about scheduled activities, the projects we are working on and the various company initiatives.

The most obvious results that emerged from the coaching activity were greater involvement and participation of all employees and more effective process management."

Coaching and corporate well-being

Coaching is a hybrid path, which is built together with the company and is often aimed at multiple groups with the same final objective, but with different intermediate objectives. In particular, in the case of Xenia Progetti it was very important to strengthen the employees' sense of belonging to the company.

Thanks to the meetings, the resources acquired the tools for a better vision of their position within the working environment, experiencing a series of benefits on:

  • lifestyle;
  • the quality of time spent at work;
  • the effectiveness of the activities carried out;
  • fluency and participation in internal communication;
  • the ability to manage complex projects.

« With Angela Colosimo we are also working on the sense of responsibility of individual employees who are part of a work group – Giuseppe Sorbello, CEO and founder of Xenia Progetti – We must not be simple executors, but it is important to give a sense of trust and feel that there 'It was an awareness raising, so that everyone can feel involved in the activities they carry out. We have noticed greater attention to meeting deadlines and a greater awareness that each person is a piece of a much larger work chain."