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From the Heart of Etna: the promising start-ups BioTappo and Smart Knee go to the final of the PNI Cube!

Start-up sicilia

Etna's pride shines in the Start Cup Sicily and flies towards the prestigious Milanese stage.

When it comes to ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit, Catania proves once again that it has the golden touch. Directly from the Start Cup Catania 2023, here emerge the brilliant stars of BioTappo and Smart Knee , the start-ups that have captured everyone's attention and are now ready to shine on the national stage of the PNI Cube.

BioTappo: This is not just a start-up. It's a revolution in the world of packaging. With their innovative project, they presented a special paint capable of detecting alterations in the organoleptic properties of plastic bottle caps when exposed to high temperatures. A strong team, made up of talents such as Cristian Fioriglio, Francesca Maria Mirisciotti, and many others, saw their hard work recognized with the Green & Blue mention.

Smart Knee: A name that promises and definitely delivers! This team, made up of brilliant minds such as Giuseppe Musumeci and Sarah Di Grande, presented an intelligent knee brace equipped with sensors. The target? Monitor knee movements in people with osteoarthritis. A project that could change the lives of many and which, of course, is protected by an exclusive patent.

Naturally, their vision and determination were supported and guided by Professor Rosa Palmeri of the Department of Agriculture, Food and Environment of the University of Catania and by our own Angela Colosimo.

But Sicily doesn't end here! Other Sicilian pride includes start-ups from the University of Messina and Palermo, which will join BioTappo and Smart Knee in Milan, carrying forward the name Start Cup Sicilia.

So, mark the dates: November 30th and December 1st. Milan will become the stage where these innovative ideas, born under the Sicilian sun and fueled by Etna passion, will show the whole world what Sicilian talent is made of.

Stay tuned with us at Management Advisor for further updates on these extraordinary projects and the innovation that continues to thrive in our beloved Sicily.