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From 29 April 2024 it is possible to offset tax credits again with Transition 4.0

From Monday 29 April 2024, Italian companies will once again be able to benefit from the tax credits provided by the Transition 4.0 plan.

The Ministry of Business and Made in Italy has published the decree that allows companies to resume the compensation of tax credits, finally making available the models necessary to carry out the mandatory communications, as required by the recent Law Decree 39.

These models will be accessible through the Energy Services Manager (GSE) website, which will also be the platform used to manage the tax credits of the next Transition 5.0 plan.

We remind you that the compensation of tax credits had been temporarily suspended following the directives of article 6 of Law Decree 39, due to the need to wait for the availability of the forms for mandatory communication, suspension which occurred with resolution no. 68/E of 12 April 2024 of the Revenue Agency.

Details about communication models:
The directorial decree specified the content and methods of transmission of the communication models that companies are required to send. In particular, two distinct models have been introduced:

      • one for investments in new capital goods intended for technological and digital transformation (Transition 4.0)

      • one for credits relating to investments in research and development, technological innovation, design and aesthetic creation.


    Ex-Ante Communication:

    All companies that plan to make investments starting from 30 March 2024 are required to communicate ex-ante - i.e. to indicate the investment forecasts and the presumed distribution over the years of the credit to be accrued.

    Ex-Post Communication:

    Subsequently, an ex post communication will be necessary to document the investments actually made, thus updating the data provided previously.

    Furthermore, for investments made from 1 January 2023 to 29 March 2024, except for those included in the previous plan financed by the PNRR with reservations until 2022, only ex post communication is mandatory. The latter is essential to be able to take advantage of tax credits.

    The communication models will be available on the GSE website in editable format from 12:00 on 29 April 2024.