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GDPR Privacy Consulting

Why request a GDPR Privacy Consultation?

Consulting on Privacy and GDPR (European regulation 2016/679, in force since 25 May 2018) helps organizations comply with European regulations on the protection of personal data.

We support you in adapting the company data protection and management system, in particular we take care of:

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How does it work?

Through a process of reviewing company procedures, we will build a personal data protection system and develop new data management procedures.


the analysis of data processing activities


the definition of internal policies and procedures such as the adaptation of contracts and privacy policies


control and adherence to the measures adopted through constant monitoring of compliance with the GDPR

The benefits for your company

The GDPR is an ever-evolving regulation, so it is essential to maintain constant awareness of new regulations and best practices. The Privacy Consulting service allows companies and organizations to avoid incurring sanctions, strengthen their corporate reputation in terms of compliance, strengthen the relationship of trust with customers.

Why work together?

We are a team of professionals with great experience in the business consultancy sector. We believe that every company is a small universe that can express value, if accompanied by a strategic vision that is expressed through coherent and effective stages.

We are an aggregator of technology and innovation: we take the path together, we find the tools, we make them work: working together means generating value!
We help you:

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