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TecnoNidi – FESR PUGLIA 2021-2027

What you need to know

The TecnoNidi Notice is aimed at small innovative businesses which, in the territory of the Puglia Region, intend to start or develop investment plans with technological content, thus contributing to increasing competitiveness, employment and well-being in Europe, with a fund contribution lost and a repayable loan on investment expenses, with a further non-repayable contribution for management expenses incurred in the first 12 months of activity.


  • Small innovative businesses, duly established and registered in the register of innovative start-ups;
  • Who have incurred research and development costs representing at least 10% of total operating costs in at least one of the three years preceding the granting of the aid or, in the case of a start-up without previous financial data, in the audit of the current financial year, or an assessment carried out by an external expert, may demonstrate that in the foreseeable future it will develop new or significantly improved products, services or processes compared to the state of the art in the sector concerned and which carry a risk of technological or industrial

Eligible interventions

The proposed initiatives, with investments planned for the industrial valorisation of the innovative content in the spending range of 25,000 - 250,000 euros , must be attributable to one of the innovation areas identified in the Regional Strategy for Smart Specialization - Smart Puglia 2030 :

Sustainable manufacturing:

  • New materials
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Virtual reality and advanced human-machine interfaces
  • Automation and robotics
  • Sensors
  • Electrification of propulsion systems
  • Hybrid propulsion systems and alternative fuels
  • Advanced connectivity
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Virtual reality and advanced human-machine interfaces
  • Technologies and applications of autonomous driving and remotely piloted systems
  • Aviation manufacturing technologies
  • Microsatellites and space services
  • Ecological transition
  • Quality, traceability and food safety
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Smart agriculture
  • Protection of local productions
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Eco-design applied to furniture and furnishing elements
  • Smart and safe home
  • New fabrics and applications
  • Environmental sustainability and circularity of products

Human and environmental health

  • Digital health
  • Predictive, personalized and precision medicine
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Medical systems
  • Technologies for rehabilitation, active aging and ambient assisted living
  • Telemedicine
  • Innovative medical devices and drugs
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Environmental recovery
  • Waste recovery, recycling and valorisation
  • Intelligent management of energy systems
  • Technologies for energy and energy efficiency
    Digital, creative and inclusive communities
  • Enjoyment of cultural events
  • Intelligent management of cultural heritage
  • Intelligent and sustainable tourism
  • Development of new content and connected innovative services
  • Green last mile logistics
  • Intelligent logistics
  • Cyber security and privacy
  • Cloud Computing
  • Big data e data fusion
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Health IT
  • Open science

Eligible expenses

Investment expenses relating to the following categories are eligible:

  • machinery, production plants and various equipment, furnishings, as well as vehicles in cases where they are of a commercial type, provided they are sized for actual production, individually identifiable and exclusively serving the production unit covered by the concessions; building and similar works;
  • expenses in intangible assets linked to investments in software, transfer of technologies through the acquisition of exploitation licenses or patented or non-patented technical knowledge.

Operating costs attributable to the following categories are eligible:

  • employed personnel, with a subordination obligation;
  • rental of properties;
  • utilities;
  • insurance policies;
  • fees and subscriptions for access to databases, for software services, "cloud" services, information services, housing, registration of Internet domains, positioning services on search engines
  • research, purchase of spaces for Web Marketing, Keywords Advertising, Social, Brand campaigns
  • Awareness e Reputation;
  • Internet site personalization services;
  • innovation consultancy services;
  • innovation support services;
  • consultancy services aimed at the ex novo adoption of an environmental management system, product certification, corporate social responsibility management and ethical-social reporting, complying with international standards;
  • rental and set-up of the stand on the occasion of the first participation in a specialized fair.


Combination of non-repayable contribution and subsidized rate mortgage. The total amount of the business project must be between 25,000.00 and 350,000.00 Euros, of which a maximum of 250,000.00 Euros will be allocated to investment costs and a maximum of 100,000.00 Euros will be allocated to operating costs. The minimum value of expenses intended for the acquisition of tangible and intangible assets is equal to €25,000.

The contribution is divided into a facility account subsidy, not exceeding €200,000.00, equal to 80% of the eligible investments, consisting of: o a grant equal to 40% of the total eligible investments; or a repayable loan equal to 40% of the total eligible investments. An operating benefit, in the form of a grant and an amount not exceeding €80,000.00, equal to 80% of the eligible operating expenses.


Waiting for the publication of the implementing decree. Publication expected in the second half of 2023.

Photo at Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Who is it aimed at?

Small businesses, medium-sized businesses, SMEs, innovative startups


Non-repayable contribution



Geographic area



Tourism, Hotel

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