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MiniPIA – Integrated Relief Packages

What you need to know

The Notice establishes criteria and methods for granting incentives to micro and small businesses for productive investments in enabling technologies and innovation related to the issues of digitalisation and/or eco-sustainability (in line with the Smart Specialization Strategy) which must be integrated with technological, strategic, organizational and management innovation projects of companies.

Eligible subjects

  • Micro and small enterprises, including enterprises that acquire the qualification of medium enterprise exclusively through shareholdings;
  • freelancers.

The beneficiaries must not have relocated to the establishment where the initial investment for which the aid is requested is to take place.

What it finances
Projects can predict

  • training and retraining of skills;
  • investments in favor of environmental protection;
  • acquisition of specialist consultancy;
  • internationalization programs, with a view to consolidating and strengthening the competitiveness of the regional economic system, developing its production specializations.

The total amount of eligible expenses and costs is between a minimum of 30 thousand euros and a maximum of 5 million euros. The form of aid is a non-repayable contribution.

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Who is it aimed at?

Small businesses, Micro businesses, Professional


Non-repayable contribution



February 29, 2024

Geographic area



Services, Other services

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