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Doing Business in Sicily – FAInSicilia

What you need to know

The Notice promotes the creation of new businesses and the development of existing businesses in the regional territory.


  • young people aged between 18 and 46 years old on the date of submission of the application for access to benefits;

  • women of any age

  • MPI (micro and small enterprises) with at least one production unit, registered office or operational headquarters in Sicily, or which undertake to establish one which are:

    • registered in the Companies Register and have been active for no more than 36 months;

    • if set up in the form of a company, even a cooperative, have a shareholder structure made up of a majority (at least 51% of the share capital) of young people or women. . MPIs can also be set up by legal person members provided that the presence of such entities in the requesting corporate structure does not exceed one third of the subscribed share capital

What it finances

Entrepreneurial projects which have as their object the start-up of a new business activity or the development of an existing one pursuing one or more of the following objectives are eligible for the benefits:

  • the supply of new products and/or services to the market, or the combination of products and/or services capable of differentiating the company on the market from its competitors;
  • make changes to production and/or service delivery processes or parts of them capable of improving their overall efficiency and effectiveness;
  • introduce products, services and/or processes that generate the expansion to new consumer or user targets;


Eligible expenses

a) Construction works concerning renovation and/or extraordinary maintenance interventions connected to the exercise of the economic activity promoted by the beneficiary subject up to a maximum limit of 30% (40% only for companies whose economic activity falls into the ATECO categories: 55 “Hotels and other similar structures”, 56.01 “Restaurants in fixed locations” and 56.03 “Bars”) of the total eligible costs for the spending program.

b) new factory machinery, technological systems, equipment and furnishings intended for the execution of specific functions connected to the production processes and/or provision of the services covered by the business project;

c) computer programs and services for information and telecommunications technologies, max 15% of the total amount of the spending program;

d) specialized training carried out by third parties with respect to the Beneficiary and aimed at the latter's staff and professional costs attributable to regulated professions, within the maximum limit of 7% of the total costs eligible for the spending programme.


The benefits are granted on a de-minimis basis in the form of a grant (non-repayable contribution), with an aid intensity of up to 90% of the total eligible expenses.

The candidate entrepreneurial projects must include a spending program whose total cost is between 50,000.00 and 300,000.00 euros and a


The request for disbursement takes place through the presentation of intermediate work progress reports (SAL) in a number not exceeding three with a cumulative amount not exceeding 90% of the total cost of the subsidized investment. Each intermediate SAL must have a unit value equal to at least 20% of the total cost admitted to financing for the subsidized spending program.

A quota equal to a maximum of 40% of the total benefits may be requested as an advance payment. subject to signing a suitable bank or insurance guarantee.


The projects must have a duration of no more than 24 months starting from the date of signing for acceptance of the financing.


Two-step procedure: starting from 12.00 on 16/01/2024 and until 17.00 on 19/02/2024 the upload can be carried out on the appropriate platform.

Applications for relief can be formally submitted starting from 10.00 am on 20/02/2024 and until 5.00 pm on 27/02/2024

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Who is it aimed at?

Small businesses, Micro businesses, Individual/Aspiring entrepreneur, SME, Professional, MSME


Non-repayable contribution


February 27, 2024


February 20, 2024

Geographic area



Tourism, Commerce, Manufacturing, Services, Industry, Culture, Agri-food, Agro-industry, Hotel, Other services, Architecture and design, Visual arts (Photography), Crafts, Artistic crafts, Audiovisual and radio, Motor vehicles and other means of transport, Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals , Cooperative/Onlus Company, Construction, Publishing, Electronics, Energy Supply, ICT, Wood and Paper, Mechanics, Metallurgical, Furniture, Fashion and Textiles, Music, Public, Catering, Health, Transport Services, Live Shows and Festivals

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