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Export Call 2023 – Lombardy Region

What you need to know

Lombardy region

The call is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Lombard micro and small businesses on foreign markets through qualified accompaniment capable of supporting businesses in approaching new markets, contributing to the growth and development of internationalisation.

The objective of the measure is to support companies that are exporting for the first time or that export occasionally and whose export share is less than 10% of the turnover.


a) be a micro or small business;

b) have the operational headquarters registered and active in the Company Register of one of the Chambers of Commerce of Lombardy from the moment the relief is granted;

c) be a manufacturing company with a primary ATECO code equal to C;

d) not be a regular exporter;

e) be up to date with the payment of the annual chamber of commerce fee;

f) is not the subject of insolvency proceedings or does not satisfy the conditions established by national law for the opening of such proceedings against him at the request of his creditors

g) have legal representatives, administrators (with or without powers of representation), members and all subjects for whom there are no causes of prohibition, forfeiture or suspension;

h) be in compliance with the obligations relating to the payment of social security and welfare contributions for workers as certified by the online DURC;

i) do not have existing supplies with the relevant Chamber of Commerce;

j) not having received, in the previous 5 years, regional concessions and/or incentives (granted by the Lombardy Region or by Unioncamere Lombardia) aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Lombard micro and small businesses on foreign markets, through one of the
following notices:

  • Bando digital export 2021:
  • E-commerce call 2020;
  • Lombardy 2021 e-commerce call;
  • Internationalization Line Call;
  • Internationalization Plus Line Notice;
  • Call for tenders Internationalization Line 21-27 – Projects for competitiveness on foreign markets.

Eligible interventions

Projects are considered eligible which, through the support of professional figures (Expert Manager of Import Export and internationalization processes “EXIM Manager”, Temporary Export Manager “TEM”, Digital Export Manager “DEM”) develop a business development strategy aimed to help non-exporting or occasional exporting companies grow on foreign markets, internationalizing their product and exploiting the opportunities (real or digital) that the global market offers through

– among others – the following activities:

– analysis and research on foreign markets

– identification of potential areas and markets of interest

– identification of new customers

– definition and implementation of an export development plan

– assistance with international contracts

– online marketing (e-commerce platforms, etc…)

– taking care of the company's online presence on multiple channels

– preparation of the expansion strategy

– structuring or strengthening a company team dedicated to the internationalization and expansion of the company on foreign markets

– development or growth of internal skills through on-the-job coaching.

Projects must be completed by December 31, 2023.

For the implementation of the project, only expenses incurred for the use of an EXIM Manager, TEM and/or DEM are eligible.


The benefit consists of a non-repayable contribution to cover 50% of eligible expenses, with a minimum investment of €10,000 and a maximum of €30,000.

Maximum contribution: €15,000.00.


Until 12.00 on 8 November 2023, unless resources run out early.

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Who is it aimed at?

Small Enterprises, Medium Enterprises, Micro Enterprises, SMEs, MSMEs


Non-repayable contribution


November 8, 2023


July 1, 2023

Geographic area



Commerce, Manufacturing, ICT, Catering

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